How I Feel: Christ and Homosexuality


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Cynus: But the bible pretty much says nothing about homosexuality, and Christ himself said nothing about it at all. So, if you are a Christian, meaning you follow the words of Christ, then the only thing you really have to go off of is his upgrade to the law which replaced the law of Moses, which is the only place(Other than a slightly ambiguous point by Paul) that even mentions homosexuality.

M: Read Leviticus, teachings of modern prophets or where babies come from

Cynus: “Where babies come from”? Um, Leviticus was what I was referring to in the whole, “Jesus came and gave a new law that replaced the law of Moses” bit. Modern prophets is irrelevant to being a Christian. You are a Christian if you believe and follow the teachings of Christ. Christ, in recorded text in the Bible. or the Book of Mormon for that matter, said nothing about homosexuality.

Leviticus also said nearly everyone and their dog should get stoned for doing almost nothing. Should we continue to adhere to Leviticus? if so, please refrain from eating shellfish in the future, oh, and all that pork you ate in korea? Yeah, might want to repent about that. . .

M: Wow really? You’re telling me what I believe? Being a Christian means (to me anyways) following the Living Christ, loving my fellow man and striving to act as Christ would in any circumstance.

Cynus: No, I am not telling you what you believe. I am telling you what the definition of “Christian” is. I never said that you believe that. I never called you a Christian! I only call people who meet the definition I stated above “Christians”. Christ never said or did anything involving homosexuality, even though I am sure it abounded around him, considering the Roman occupation and all. Romans were quite notorious for liking their same flesh, or rather, having lessened inhibitions.

Yet not once did Christ rebuke the Romans for their people performing Homosexual acts. Not once did he mention Leviticus as the basis for his actions. Not once did he tell people that homosexuality is wrong.

What I am saying is that being against homosexuality has nothing to do with being Christian, because Christ didn’t say anything about it. You can be against it, you can even condemn it, but it is not based off of being Christian. It may be based off of a faith that is also Christian, such as The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, but all of their reasons for it(except the few noted above) Come from someone else saying it, not Christ. Therefore, your reason for not supporting it would have to come from being a member of your church, not because of Christ.

Likewise, if you don’t support homosexuality because you are Jewish. This actually makes sense, because they follow the law of Moses, which includes the Leviticus portion. Though they seem to pick and choose which verses to follow. Christ, however, having overwritten the law, supercedes Leviticus with the New Law. That is basic LDS doctrine.

It is your prophets that have said that Homosexuality is wrong, not Christ in the Bible. Please do not claim that it is recorded in the Bible that he did. Please do not claim that it is recorded in the Book of Mormon that he did. Christ actually DID love his fellow man, and I have respect for him. He threw out moneychangers and bankers, he accused those who were obsessed in the law of missing the point entirely(The Pharisees), he made it clear that the old law was the old law, and the new law was two-fold “Love the lord thy God with all thy heart” and “Love thy neighbor as thyself”. 

Christ did not say anything about homosexuality. That is all.

Afterword: I want it to be known that I do not consider myself a Christian, even though something that my uncle and I discovered a couple weeks ago does bring me closer. You will all be able to read about it in a little while I hope, as I will be writing a book with him that discusses this very principle:

“What does it mean to be a Christian?”

I think you will find my Taoist perspective on it to be different than your minister’s, your bishop’s or your priest’s, but I hope you will enjoy it anyway. What is written above is a taste of what I believe about Christianity.

Taoist Wednesday, Verse 8: The Highest Good

The highest good is like water, nourishing life effortlessly, flowing without prejudice to the lowliest places.

It springs from all who nourish their community with a benevolent heart as deep as an abyss, who are incapable of lies and injustices, who are rooted in the earth, and whose natural rhythms of action play midwife to the highest good of every pregnant moment.

I am often curious as to how some people interpret their holy texts. Often I find that especially those of the Christian faith(Though it is to them that I have had the most exposure, I am sure it occurs in all other religions as well) often ignore words in their texts, and then follow others, claiming that those words are what make them “good”.

It is strange how often people forget that “blessed are the peacemakers” or “blessed are the meek”. Good does not roar in the face of injustice, it is instead the quite thrum of those that stubbornly refuse to let injustice win. It is not a shout, but a whisper, so that it may spread surely from ear to ear.

Beware of any who put themselves up on high in order to show how good they are, how Christian, how Muslim, how Jewish. How Buddhist, Hindu, or Taoist. Beware of any who say, I am good and perfect, so be like me, for you are a sinner and beneath me.

Instead, treasure the extended hand that pulls you up, and walks beside you, and carries you when you stumble. It is those that quietly serve the great harmony and balance of life, the peacemakers and the meek, that are those to watch and learn from. It doesn’t matter what religion they belong to, good people are good people no matter what, and you can always learn from their gentle guidance.

It Is All a Matter of Perspective

It Is All a Matter of Perspective

Once again, a true statement from memeland. I know this goes back to everything I was saying before but I’ll say it again anyway.

Don’t label, it makes it easier to hate.

Don’t judge anyone before you know them.

Look at things from an outside perspective before you make a decision on something you are close to. Sometimes you are missing something because you can’t see the larger picture.

We are all on this path together, stop trying to push people off of it because they are different.

How I feel #7 / I Remember This #6

How I feel #7 / I Remember This #6

This quote says it all for me.

I once had a mentor, who believed very strongly in this concept. Everything she taught me at least in some way could be connected back to this sort of philosophy.

We are really not all that different from each other. Even men and women have few true differences, as they are by appearance, at least more alike than a man and a male dog. My mentor would have even considered that to be only a small difference, as we are all connected.

You know, the circle of life and all that jazz.

We, much as the yin needs the yang and vice versa, need all the other life on the planet. The world was set up in a balanced state, and must remain in a balanced state in order to not topple.

Let us remember that we are not alone, and are in fact just part of a large web. Let us remember that only by accepting that we are part of the balance, and that our actions affect all that is around us, that we will truly find our place in the world.

May you learn many lessons as you walk The Path today.