So that there is no confusion about my views on a number of things, I have decided to educate everyone on how my mind works. I try to avoid labeling myself, but in order to get this point across, I will make an exception.

1) I am a Taoist. I have always been a Taoist at heart, even while practicing other “religions”. I was a Taoist before I knew what Taoism was, as when I first discovered it, I was immediately entranced by how well it matched my beliefs. Fearing persecution from those around me, I kept this mostly to myself. I don’t care about what others think anymore, so now you all get to know.

2) I am flexible in relationships. Personality means a great deal more to me than gender when determining who I would want to associate with on any level of relationship. In this case I refuse to be labeled, because no label sticks. I am simply attracted to the things I am attracted to, and it should only matter to you if you are either trying to form a relationship with me, or if I am trying to form a relationship with you. I consider it a wasteful use of brain power to involve one’s self in another person’s sex life without invitation. 

3) I am a Nihilist. No, that does not mean that I have no morals(A common misconception). I simply do not believe you can ever conclusively prove anything. I do not believe that there is a universal basis for things like morality. Do I believe killing is wrong? What a tricky question. It’s tricky no matter who you are. Some will say yes, but then you ask them, “what about self defense?”, and then they second guess themselves. I could go deeper on that, but that isn’t what this post is about. I do not believe in a universal right or wrong, but rather that such things are determined by your own self at the moment of a given situation. MANY will disagree with me here, but hey, I’m not saying you’re wrong, but I dare you to prove that you are morally right, without resulting to your religious text. Give me conclusive evidence.

4) I am NOT a Democrat. I agree with the spirit of many of the things that they say, regarding many social issues for instance, but they often do not practice what they preach, which leaves me frustrated with them, not satisfied. At the same time, there are other ways in which I definitely don’t agree with their platform, such as their need to regulate EVERYTHING. I will never support a group of people who want to impose their morals upon me.

5) I am NOT a Republican. I agree with their emphasis on smaller government, and because they “occasionally” put that into practice, I am slightly more comfortable with their leadership, but I would almost never vote for one. I disagree strongly with their common emphasis on almost theocratic rule, and supposed moral superiority. I will never support a group of people who want to impose their morals upon me.

6) I am nearly Libertarian, but I am not Libertarian. I don’t tie myself down to any political party, because my views change often. There is, however, at this current time, little I disagree with in the general Libertarian platform.

7) I am open-minded, and will change my opinions often when presented with new evidence, or new perspectives. People often think this means to lack conviction, but this is not true. It is simply a matter that my conviction to find the best course of action through life is stronger than any other conviction I hold. I find that holding strong opinions can be useful, but unless you are willing to bend, you will often find yourself breaking.

That’s it folks, now hopefully there will be less confusion when I post.


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