Lesson 1: Perspective – This is Water

Everything is perspective. That is the number one lesson in life, and the secret to understanding everyone. You may have difficulty understanding others if you can’t learn to step back and see from different points of view.

It also makes the cause of peace very difficult to fight. If you are unable to achieve a heightened understanding of what is really going on, by being able to put yourselves in the shoes of either your comrades or your opponents, then you will flounder in the heat of battle. This is why perspective is lesson number one.

We begin with this video, as it is an excellent introductory course on how to start seeing things in a different way. I hope you enjoy it, and will think about it in anticipation of the next post.



2 thoughts on “Lesson 1: Perspective – This is Water

  1. poetic1ce says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed this video and have decided to make more choices and choose more happiness for myself. Thank you forn your insight through this post.

    • klovax says:

      Thank you for visiting and reading/watching it. I am always glad when someone gets something out of what I post. I hope applying it goes well for you.

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