The State of the World: Honesty and Opinions

What is wrong with us!?! I am ill from the sickness that surrounds me, where we are so concerned about hurting each other’s feelings that we are incapable of honesty anymore. What ever happened to speaking our minds? What ever happened to standing up for ourselves?

I am guilty of it too, and I bet most of you are, though maybe there are some of you that haven’t done it, but I am sure you have at least been on the receiving end. 

When someone asks you an opinion question, or invites you to something, please do not lead them on, simply because you are afraid of how they will react, or because you believe they will get the wrong idea. If you do not like parties, instead of telling the person that you are interested and will probably be there, and then not going and making up an excuse later, why not just tell the person who invited you that you don’t like parties? Trust me, if I ever invite you to something, I would rather you just told me you didn’t want to go, than have you lead me to believe you are planning on it, and then lie to me when you don’t show up.

This doesn’t mean tell me rudely, but you can be blunt. You can tell me straight up. I am not a fragile person who is going to be crushed that you don’t want to come hang out with a bunch of people, some who you may not even know. I know you might be introverted, I know you might not enjoy socializing. I may ask you why you don’t want to, but you don’t even have to answer, just say you don’t want to. I WILL NOT BE BOTHERED!

The same is true of any activity whatsoever. If I invite you to go swimming, or see a movie, I don’t want you to tell me you can go, or that you want to, and then when it’s time to actually do it, you pull out on me. Stop it. Seriously. If you don’t want to do it, JUST TELL ME.

This goes for your opinions too. If I ask for your opinion, that means I want YOUR opinion, I am not looking for your agreement. I do not need your validation, nor do I want it. I want to know what YOU think, not have my words rephrased and sent back at me, just to please my ego. Stop it. Seriously. If you disagree, feel free to let me know. JUST TELL ME.

Be honest people. Let people know the truth. Trust me, if you tell the truth up front you piss off a lot less people.

I suppose that’s it then. Thank you blogspace for letting me rant to you.


2 thoughts on “The State of the World: Honesty and Opinions

  1. izzigearl says:

    I admit that I have done this to many people including you. I am done doing it. Thank you for being blunt and speaking your mind.

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