Taoist Wednesday: Verse 9, Overfulfillment

Keep filling your bowl, and it will spill over.

Keep sharpening your knife, and it will blunt.

Keep hoarding gold in your house, and you will be robbed.

Keep seeking approval, and you will be chained.

The Great Integrity leads to actualization, never overfulfillment.

I find myself often a victim of seeking more than I can handle, more than my capacity.  It is really quite odd, how often I find myself filling my bowl beyond it’s rim, though I believe a more constant problem of mine involves my Yin and Yang.

I often find myself overfilling my Yang, which is contradictory to this verse. For when you overfill your Yang, you leave far less room for your Yin. One cannot be truly fulfilled by only half of your true self, just as one cannot be filled beyond their capacity.

Not only must we watch how much we intake, but what we intake. Beware letting yourself be filled too much with one, that room is not left for the other, for all excess falls along the side.

The Tao has no storage room, for we are all travelers.

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