The Eagle

Once, the world was an eagle, whose back bore the presence of the world tree. All the world was given life in the shelter of it’s roots, and the shade of the great branches which bore the fruit of all life. The fruit would fall from the tree and would then decay, leaving behind seeds that then became the animals, the people, all life. Humans were simply one creature among many, but they were slightly different.
Humans were builders. They built their own caves, built their own claws and teeth, the tools with which to hunt. They built their own forests with which to forage for food. This was according to their nature, but it is what made them stand out from all other children of the great tree. Much as the cheetah has it’s speed, or the spider weaves it’s web, the drive to build is what made the humans what the humans were.
Unfortunately, in their building they forgot that all life was connected. They did not realize as they plucked the feathers, the great trees, from the eagle’s back, that they were destroying the homes of their siblings. They forgot that the eagle’s blood, which nurtured the land, was the home of so many, and the literal lifeblood of the world. They forgot that the rivers were not only useful tools, but more importantly an integral part of the web of life.
They forgot, for they continued to build. They carved great gashes into the eagle’s back, and piled the eagle’s flesh high, to build great cities that were marvelous to look upon in their way, but at great cost to the great bird which carried them through the never ending sky.
Humans, in their building, demolished the world to build their own. They toppled the world tree to clear the land for further building, and the world tree withdrew, hiding in places unknown.
The eagle is now forgotten. We live on but a skeleton, the a desert of humanity’s own creation. We have plucked it, bled it, and carved it, and now it is but ready for consumption.
Will you consume? Will you remember to give thanks to the eagle that was slain for your dinner?


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