Taoist Wednesday, Verse 6: Life’s Spirit

The spirit of life never dies.

It is the infinite gateway to mysteries within mysteries.

It is the seed of yin, the spark of yang.

Always elusive, endlessly available.


 Here again we speak of the soul of the universe, or in this case it is referred to as the spirit of life. The source of all life is endless, as the universe continues to create it, though we never seem to be able to quite understand it. It remains aloof, escaping our understanding and our control, but yet we have it all around us, and we are always able to put it to use, if we but realize how.

The spirit of life is what plants seeds of emotions, and sparks our passions. It is what drives our wanderlust. Our need to explore.

It is the gateway to nirvana, and a metaphorical Shangri La. It is the source of truth, at least in the sense that we gain knowledge by acting on the drive it gives us. It is the gateway, the path by which we obtain an understanding of everything else.

Follow your passion. Dance to the Life Rhythm.



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