Diary of a Madman: Life and Death

Life. What an interesting thing life is. Life, is worse than death, for Life is what is constantly killing us. Life is what provides us with the pain, the suffering, the depression, the anxieties. Life is the most dangerous thing, for it encompasses all that tries to end it. Life is suicidal.
However, it is also that which provides us with passion, with connection. Without life our world would be fairly plain. Without life there would be no struggle, no conflict, for only the tempermental being that is life can have such things, for in stagnant death there is nothing of this sort. Stagnant death is surely not alive at all. . .
What would you prefer? Death, with no change, but surely free of pain. Or Life? Which is a constant struggle, but has an extra perk; With life we are alive.
-Excerpt from Diary of a Madman, an upcoming novel thingamajig by Cynus


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