How I Feel: Wanderlust

I find myself wandering these days.
Not like I wish to. If I could I would certainly take the time to leave everything behind, to simply pack a small bag and take off, to see the world like the wanderer within me craves.
Alas, I will not, for the larger portion of myself seeks instead the comfortable trappings of society.
Trappings? No, traps. Society has trapped my soul. It holds me in place like an anchor. Every time I try to pull away I find that my chain has an end, and I cannot leave the safe harbor.
So what then is my wandering? I wander aimlessly through the landscape of my mind, not staying in one place for too long as the pain of my captivity becomes too apparent if I remain. Indeed, I wander to escape, but I don’t really escape. No, I just further entrench myself.
Every time I mentally distract myself from this prison that is society, I attach another tether to my captor. I allow myself to become more comfortable. I allow myself to forget what is important, and instead replace it with trivial matters.
The truth is, society doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter how much money we make, what kind of car we drive, who we work for, whether or not we are keeping up with the “Jones’s”. No, none of that matters. . .
So why do we let it? Why do we let these things interfere with our wanderlust? Why do we allow these things to keep us from our passions and desires? When did money become so important that the pursuit of it took over the pursuit of the soul? And Why? Why have we lost what it means to be human?
To be human is to wander. Our earliest ancestors were all nomads. It’s in our genes. It’s in our natures. Wandering allows us to explore, and humans are also explorers. Not only do we explore the outside world, but also inside ourselves. We are always inquisitive, yet so many times in our modern society do we neglect to answer questions deeper than the surface.
Do yourself a favor sometime soon. Wander. Take an hour and go for a walk. Don’t pay attention to where you are going and see where you end up at the end of your time. Trust  me, you’ll find something you never expected, and you’ll learn something.
Do yourself another favor. Meditate, but make it a wandering meditation. Sit and let your mind take it’s own path. See where you end up. Again, you will learn.
Now, I am off to let my own wanderings occur, but it will be the kind I love the most. Dreaming.
Sweet wanderings my friends.



2 thoughts on “How I Feel: Wanderlust

  1. Maybe go camping for weekend or so? I know the feeling; I am becoming increasingly restless these days.

    • klovax says:

      It seems the whole world is becoming restless. Unfortunately, I can’t really take the time off of work to go camping, but maybe I can at least go for a hike soon. . . that does sound good.

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