Taoist Wednesday, Verse 4: The Great Integrity

The Great Integrity is an endless abyss, yet,it is the inexhaustibly fertile source of the universe.

It blunts all sharpness, unties the entangled, and merges with the dust!

Hidden but ever present- this parent of the gods- whose child may it be?

This is perhaps the most straightforward verse of all, at least for me. Perhaps others find this one more difficult, while finding some of the others more blunt that I find difficult. I do not know, for we are all of different perspectives, and made of different things. . .

Or are we all made of the same things? Are we not all made of stardust as the philosophical scientist Neil Degrasse Tyson is known to say? Are we not beings of energy, thus leading many to claim that some higher power has created us all?

All things have the same source, whether you believe in a God, many gods, or that the universe was once a ball of matter that exploded through the “big bang”. A seemingly universal belief is that there is one origin. One single thing that began all of it.

My mentor called this Alvakin, which means something along the lines of “dreams and nightmares, light and darkness, death rhythm and life rhythm, that which permeates all and yet no one seems capable of obtaining a full understanding of it.” My mentor went on to explain that this is was what the soul of the universe was.

For some, this takes the form of a God. Though this is not my personal way of interpreting it, I can see some logic in why they think that way. it becomes more comforting to bring this connecting force to a personal level, which gives them a better chance of connecting to it. I know many Atheists would look at me and claim that I am just engaging in pointless mysticism, but yet I believe this connecting force has reared it’s head many times in unexplained ways while scientists have explored the universe in their own ways. I don’t think this concept necessarily conflicts with an Atheist perception of the cosmos, but rather can go along with it just as easily as it can with any other concept.

I am a Taoist, but I am also a Nihilist, in practically every definition of Nihilism. I do not find that my adherence to Taoist principles ever infringes upon my belief system as a Nihilist. For Taoism does not require faith, the thing that Nihilists lack, it simply requires willingness to participate in making the universe more harmonious. It requires a willingness to explore the things which connect us all.

Connectivity does not infringe on any other beliefs, it simply allows us to better explore them.


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