Overpraising the gifted leads to contentiousness. Overvaluing the precious invites stealing. Craving the desirable loses contentment.

The natural person desires without craving and acts without excess.

By not doing. Everything is done.

Once again we find ourselves needing to seek the balance in all things. We can learn to give praise where praise is due, but we must always remember that to give too much leads to greater egos, and egos tend to find themselves battling with other egos.
Likewise, we must always put everything in it’s proper place. Take the people who like to show off their fancy cars. Often, these are the same people who find those cars broken into, or stolen. By flaunting our riches, we give everyone the opportunity to scope out what we have, and soon we find others coming after what we have.
Be moderate in your speech, in your way of living. Strive for the path that goes between doing nothing and doing too much. It is the only path that leads to true accomplishment.

Taoist Wednesday #3 Verse 3: Tempering


One thought on “Taoist Wednesday #3 Verse 3: Tempering

  1. poetic1ce says:

    This passage rings particularly with me and is a constant thought in my mind. It helps me keep to my path and to keep my perspective. To overly praise brings greater more painful down falls and I wish this not on myself or others.

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