Today’s Conversation

I was asked today what I think about Hitler being a Christian, this is what my response was.

“I think that whether Hitler was a Christian or not is fairly irrelevant. If he was a Christian, he went against everything that is stated in the New Testament, which means he wasn’t really one anyway. If anything, he may have made comments in regard to being a Christian, just like all politicians make comments in order to obtain a following. They always do. I am not a Christian, but a Christian who whole-heartedly follows the words of “Christ” from the Bible, is still generally a good person. The problem generally arises when they decide to listen to the words of a minister.

People could do a lot worse than the Bible as a philosophy to live by, and people have. All religion is supposed to be about peace. It is only when people decide that peace isn’t important, but dogma is, that it becomes a problem. People should be allowed to believe as they choose, even if their beliefs are based on principles that don’t make any sense. Provided they are not causing harm to anyone else because of those beliefs, it should all be okay.

Of course, this includes not harming their children psychologically, which is an unfortunate side effect of religion. Often parents of children who are doing something they consider to be immoral, but is not actually harming them, will react in incredibly inappropriate ways, such as a kid coming out of the closet.”

I hope you enjoyed a small insight into my philosophy. Once I went back and reread this I wanted to share it.