Phoenix Ashes

This is an awesome poem by my friend Sam. You can feel free to visit his blog by taking the link at the top of the page.


The sun sets, the phoenix soars,
Blazing through the sky.
An emblem to the poor in heart,
As it passes by.
Its scorching flames, find their way,
Brightening their hearts.
The hope it brings, an eternal light,
A beacon in times of distress.
It’s tears falling from the sky,
As dew upon the ground.
It heals the hurt, the sick, the heart,
And lifts them all this night.
The sun rises, and all is calm,
Its rays warming the earth.
Brightly beaming even more than them,
The burning flames of the phoenix.
It burns up in this earthen sky,
With ashes from the heavens.
Every night it rises again,
A martyr for mankind.


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