What Happened to Commitment?

This is from my good friend Sam and Kaija’s blog. There is always a link to it near the top of my homepage if you ever want to check it out.


I have heard stories, wonderful stories, of a world when someone’s word meant something.  I say they are stories because the more I live in this world, the more I see a lack of dependability and genuine commitment.  Some years ago, my father promised that I could camp out in the backyard.  He said that it would be fun and he’d teach me to put up a tent!  I was so excited!  When we got home, my dad changed his mind.  He said, “Not tonight.”  He made some silly excuses, and it hurt a lot.  I responded by trying to put the tent up myself; that didn’t go so well.  He saw my commitment to what he said, and eventually he gave in.  Even when I was so young, in the face of a noncommital society, I stood my ground, grit my teeth, and showed just how stubborn a Scottsman can…

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