State of the World #6

State of the World #6

This may offend some people, but I am here to speak my mind, and not to worry about pushing people’s buttons. This is, of course, simply a sarcastic response to the fact that Christians often complain about their positions being attacked in America, and how they are persecuted. . .

Maybe they are, but so is every other religion, and most of them are persecuted more. Such as atheists, who were once executed for their lack of belief. Or pagans? Who get accused of the most vile things imaginable by their Christian counterparts. No, this war on Christianity is a fight against a regime that has controlled events in this country for a long time. It is not a war of persecution, but a war of rebellion.

I don’t care what religion you practice, as long as you don’t hurt anyone(Unless they are hurting you), and don’t attempt to control others. I just think that the religious group that has such control over this country, shouldn’t be surprised that there are people who don’t like that. I do not like having morality forced upon me. Ever.

Sorry for the rant, and if this offended you, you might want to look elsewhere in the blogosphere, because this is my position, and I don’t think the evidence is going to come my way any time soon to change my position.

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