How I feel #7 / I Remember This #6

How I feel #7 / I Remember This #6

This quote says it all for me.

I once had a mentor, who believed very strongly in this concept. Everything she taught me at least in some way could be connected back to this sort of philosophy.

We are really not all that different from each other. Even men and women have few true differences, as they are by appearance, at least more alike than a man and a male dog. My mentor would have even considered that to be only a small difference, as we are all connected.

You know, the circle of life and all that jazz.

We, much as the yin needs the yang and vice versa, need all the other life on the planet. The world was set up in a balanced state, and must remain in a balanced state in order to not topple.

Let us remember that we are not alone, and are in fact just part of a large web. Let us remember that only by accepting that we are part of the balance, and that our actions affect all that is around us, that we will truly find our place in the world.

May you learn many lessons as you walk The Path today.



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