How I Feel #5

How I Feel #5

So, ducks. . .

I don’t really have a problem with ducks, in fact I actually like them, and I really enjoy eating them(Sorry to any of my followers who may be vegetarian/vegan, or otherwise against the consumption of ducks. I eat animals, I think that’s what any good omnivore does) But I have seen some interesting trends similar to Anatidaephobia.

I find it similar to that feeling you get that you are being watched, and you don’t know from where. Or when someone keeps on making eye contact with you when you look up. Or when you are driving and you notice the same car has been matching your path exactly and has been right behind you the whole time.

The interesting thing about all of these is that usually, you’re not being watched, you’re just in unfamiliar territory so you are on your guard. Usually the person who keeps on staring at you when you look up, is actually just doing the same thing you are, and wondering why you keep staring at them, and usually the car that followed you all the way to the last turn onto your street, just happens to live in your neighborhood.

The point is, the duck isn’t really following you, it just happens to be going your way. Believe it or not people, ducks can make their own decisions, and they don’t need a human to tell them what way to go.

People are often the same way. Regardless of what you may think, the world does not revolve around you, and most of these things that occur in your life, are simply other things living their lives that happen to temporarily collide with yours. People are not their to make your life miserable, at least not most of them, and most of the ones that are are people that have not yet learned this lesson. Most people are simply just trying to live life the best they can.

So stop being so paranoid.

The duck, it follows its own path.

Learn from it.



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