Reading From A Different Bible

Reading From A Different Bible

Thank you Mr. Paul for sharing your incredibly true words. I am always impressed when someone can simply state their position like so, as that means someone is actually willing to tell the truth.

It is interesting how often people claim to believe in the Bible as the complete truth, and then forget to read the book as a whole. Again, I am not one of the “People of the Book”, and my personal beliefs are not usually in line with members of those religions, but I have in fact read the Bible from cover to cover. It has some very interesting things in there, particularly in Leviticus, that if taken only in the context of their surrounding chapters, can in fact validate a great deal of the violence that occurs in the name of the Bible.

Why then, do these people who claim to be Christians, often forget the words of Christ? Did he not say that his law was to replace the law of Moses? Did he not say that the First Law was to Love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and the Second to Love neighbor as thyself? What then gives the justification for any Christian War?

Enjoy your crusades, brought to you by your political leaders, whom you have given your support to. Enjoy the witch hunts as we continue to look for those that are morally opposed to us, and treat them as criminals, or second-class citizens.

There is a war going on, but it is not the one most people think. The war is not the one being fought with guns and missiles. It is the one being fought with words, emotions, and passions.

Beware of propaganda, lest you become its next victim. Beware of those that would turn brother on brother, and justify it in the name of a God who is supposed to represent peace.

Shria Halta, Shria Naln

2 thoughts on “Reading From A Different Bible

  1. Kiren says:

    I greatly enjoyed this post and have a greater need to seek out this Ron Paul fello and see some of his other views. Thank you for sharing this with me/ us.

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