Two halves had I, one darkness, one light.
There was always light in darkness, to which I was drawn,I loved it, and though time has ravaged the flame, that now the light dimly flickers in that abyss, I love it more than I loved it then, but it no longer loves me.

The light loved me, more than comprehension could account. In time I found the darkness in the light, and grew to love it just as much, though I feared the darkness I had wrought, and buried the light.
Two halves I had, but have no longer, both darkness and light remain as only memory and ghosts.
Two halves had I, but have no longer.
Am I then not also but a memory?

It is interesting how a piece you wrote long ago could still have such bearing on your life now. What is more interesting to me is how the meaning can shift, and what you meant then is erased and replaced with something completely new, though no less important to you.

I hope you enjoy this one. It was written at a very introspective time of my life, when things weren’t going too well. Things are going much better now, and oddly the halves I was referring to have switched places. . . I never saw that one coming.

Funny how life works. You never know when it is going to change your entire perspective. Most importantly, you never know what to expect. Living has its ups and downs, but the important thing is to keep moving through them, until the great sleep ends and we awaken into the next life.

Shria Halta, Shria Naln



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  1. I really enjoy your writing. Check out mine.


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