How I feel #3

How I feel #3

What an interesting world we live in. Now, I don’t by any means know if the story has any basis in real life, but I do know that it is both hilarious, and true in principle.

What is it that makes us so insane that we can’t let people live life the way they wish? Especially when those people are causing no harm to us at all. We live our lives as if we are the only ones that matter, and that our way is the only right way.

I have news for you, we are all on different paths. We are all heading toward different destinations, for different experiences forge different goals and different perceptions of the universe. To some people, their idea of heaven is sitting in the clouds, hanging out with cherubs and playing harps. . . that sounds incredibly boring to me. I think if that was the reward I got for living a “good” life, I’d rather be bad.

Thankfully, I don’t believe that way, and I guess that’s the point I am trying to make. We all have different beliefs. Even if you prescribe to a specific religion, not all of your beliefs coincide with another member of that same religion, yet inside such organizations, do we not treat each other as brothers and sisters?

Why not then treat humanity the same way? We are all siblings, and we need to respect each other. We can’t allow ourselves to attack each other’s view points with anything more than logic, for we are all simply trying to make it through life the best we can.

Now grow up and be the best kid you can be.



4 thoughts on “How I feel #3

  1. That is what Jesus meant when he spoke of the broad and narrow way. The broad way is following the herd and trying to be “normal”. The narrow way is that which is entirely and idiosyncratically your own.

    And I love the story you quote.

    • klovax says:

      Thank you for your input Clare. While I am not a Christian myself, I can certainly appreciate that there are good points to find in Christian philosophy. I especially like your take on this particular philosophy. Please feel free to share your input here as often as you’d like.


      • I came to you because of the Homosexuality tag. I tend to drop comments as I pass by. Mine is not the majority interpretation of the broad and narrow way.

  2. klovax says:

    I know, and that is unfortunate. I find it refreshing when people are open to let others be who they are. Thanks again for being you.

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