The opposite of love? No.
A sin? What is sin? Who determines sin?
I hate that which I do not understand. The opposite of Hatred is understanding.
Perhaps then we have wronged ourselves.
We choose not to learn, and oh what power there is in knowledge.
Yet we choose the path of ignorance, and that ignorance makes us hateful.
Why won’t you learn?

New Beginnings

So, this is my newest attempt at a blog. Attempt three I believe, though hopefully this will do better than attempt two just as attempt two did better than attempt one. Attempt one never even made it fully to production.

This blog will be dedicated to my thoughts and my poetry. It is really just a way for me to vent, ans I find myself needing to do so more and more often these days, and having a place to write will help me do so I believe.

So please, if you have been invited here, feel free to keep on perusing my wares. If you have not been invited here. Stay anyway, I always enjoy new friends.